Attended the 2023 CDAT Conference that was held in Sydney

On Monday 29th May to Wednesday 31st May 2023, Joe Gordon and Sarah Forrester our Community Development Officers (CDO’s) of the Community Drug Action Team along with Business Development Manager Shayana Naden and previous Acting Business Development Manager Pam Renata attended the 2023 CDAT Conference that was held in Sydney.

The conferencefocused on the topic -“Meaningful Communication and Connection, Shifting the Language around AOD.”

In the duration of the conference, relevant topics were discussed relating to today’s growing issues with alcohol and drug use and provided CDO’s with further knowledge on what is required to assist them to complete their roles more confidently.

The discussions and topics covered sparked some interesting ideas for future programs/community events Bila Muuji can be involved in to make a direct difference in our rural and remote communities.

Our CDAT team will be out and about in communities across our region so please keep an eye out for Joe and Sarah.

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